It grieves me, that which I hear is going on at the State House in Montgomery. I hear that they have passed the lottery in the Senate; also it’s being discussed of making the use of medical marijuana legal in this state.

Proponents say that the lottery will bring more money for the educational system in the state, and our neighboring states have it. Really? Are they any better off? About all this will accomplish is taking food off the poor man’s table and clothes off their backs. It will contribute to separating and breaking up the family home.

Alcohol sales has been legalized in this state. There should be more revenue coming in this state. Where is all this extra money going? I hardly pick up your newspaper that I read about a bunch of folks being charged and arrested on alcohol and drug sales in this state. The extra money and more needs to be spent on law enforcement and treatment centers for the ones that depends on drugs.

Legalizing marijuana will bring on more problems. We have a huge problem with all illegal drugs. Why make it more accessible?

My suggestion to all of this: make wise use of the resources, create more jobs, abolish the regulations that are killing and discouraging, such as high taxes. All people that are able to work should work. There should be less entitlements, especially for people that don’t need them.

I’m in my seventies, and chances are that I won’t be in this world long. I am not that concerned for myself. I am concerned for the younger generations that are following me. What kind of world are we going to leave them? This is supposed to be a Democratic form of government. We sure better be concerned about the candidates that we vote for, and we sure better know what they stand for.

If these issues come up in an election, please vote against them! If not for yourselves, do it for the sake of the younger generations. (1st Timothy 6:10 and Matthew 7:7-12)

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne

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