This is not so much a “Letter to the Editor” as it is a “thank you” to the new publisher of the paper.

I moved to Rainsville in November 2015, and I was eager to learn more about my new surroundings. I signed up for The Times-Journal immediately, and I quickly became aware of the advertising businesses and club calendar. I learned that the area seemed to have a significant drug problem. I also learned that the beautiful parks and rivers and falls were not only tourist attractions but could be dangerous as well. I even won $100 in a drawing from the paper. But sadly, after better than three years of receiving the paper, I still felt like I wasn’t really learning much about the people and the place I had been calling “home”. Since I live on Social Security alone, money is tight and I had decided to cancel the paper as a way to cut corners. Just as I made the decision to stop the paper it was suddenly purchased by a new owner, and I decided to keep it coming for a while to see what happened.

What happened is the paper got better. Immediately, the look of it began to change with bolder headings, a cleaner look and even a contemporary biblical quote on the front page. For a small town paper it seemed to me that the changes came pretty fast and they still continue.

I had seen some of J.D. Crowe’s work previously, but I was really pleased to realize it became a constant feature.

Then Steven Stiefel joined the team and the depth of the articles by all the writers seemed to increase as the stories lengthened. When Stiefel’s contributions also appeared on the opinion page, I became more interested than ever.

So I’m just writing to say “thank you.” I have kept my subscription and have even taken advantage of your affordable advertising rates for a yard sale I had last fall. I’m glad I stuck around to see what would become of the paper, and I’m happy to say that I’m learning a lot more about my new “home” these days. I hope that many of the other residents of the area are enjoying the changes as well.

Best regards,

Kathleen Reed,


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