There is so much in this world that is failing. Many of us are saddened on a daily basis because the news is full of tragedy and pain.

The news is full of violence and suffering. So many of us are wondering how to fix the problems facing us today.

I believe there are no simple solutions to the societal issues we are facing. I believe if we can come together as intelligent people and try to put aside our differences we can make our communities safer and eventually the county.

I do not believe we as citizens of the United States can solve the world’s problems, but we can start by healing our communities. I believe in the second amendment rights of the individuals right to bear arms.

I believe if guns were made illegal, yes, the number of gun-related deaths would go down; however, people would still find a way to murder and maim each other.

Then how would our police departments protect us as citizens and themselves? Law abiding citizens obey the laws, unfortunately criminals do not. If you were to wave a magic wand over the world and magically guns were never invented, there would still be crime and pain and murder.

Today, we as a whole society, have a problem: and there is no clear and simple solution. Our problem is not how do we protect ourselves from threats, but how do we prevent the need for these threats. There is no simple solution.

Jennifer Stango, Collinsville

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