I hear that abortion is legal in the United States, and it’s become legal to kill babies that are born from “botch” abortions in a couple states. How long will this go on? Will this practice become law of the land? Why should tax payers fund this practice? How long will it be before it will be decided to murder the elderly that are terminal and health problems in order to save tax dollars? If everything is relative, what kind of government do we have? If capital punishment is abolished, where will be the restraint on crime? If firearms are taken away from the public, how can citizens defend themselves? Why make marijuana legal when we know the consequences? Why should this country tolerate “cop killings?” What’s happening to our principles and morals in this country? When will freedom of speech be abolished? How long will we have religions liberty? How long will it be when, for our beliefs, we have to risk our lives?

I know these questions sound “far fetch,” but we are heading in that direction. I demand answers! Wake up, America!

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne

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