The DeKalb community has been my home for nearly eight years.

Recently, I encountered an issue affecting us all.

In early December I was on a clean out project of junk which had accumulated through the years.

In my pursuit of a roll off dumpster, I have discovered that DeKalb County is home to the most expensive landfill in Northeast Alabama. The normal charge for a 20 cubic yard roll off dumpster outside DeKalb County is less than $300. The average price for a dumpster inside DeKalb is $520 (not including additional fees).

The reason? DeKalb County has a privately owned landfill (Sand Valley Landfill-Republic Services). I first used Sand Valley around six years ago, when the fee for a truck load was $15. A year or so later it was $42 plus environmental fees. That was the last time I used them. In fact, when I asked the proprietor why he went up, he said, “because I can!”

The Landfill just increased (again) this past October. It is now $90 per visit (one pickup load up to a ton) and with environmental fees it tops $100! In comparison, Calhoun County (county-owned) is between $8 to $12 with no extra gouging.

I have spoken to some very nice gentlemen at the county commission office who were unaware of this issue and have responded with great concern. They are currently working on ways to help folks with this issue.

Currently, the City of Fort Payne provides a few dumpsters every spring at Fort Payne’s Landfill. And Fort Payne’s recycling center accepts some items that can be recycled.

This issue caused me to notice more areas in the county where there’s been illegal dumping. Alabama has been described and known as a beautiful state, and our area is a showcase of that beauty. Tourism is vital to our county, and the fact that it has become too expensive for the average citizen to throw away trash should concern us all.

David Brooks,

Fort Payne

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