To DeKalb Citizens,

I feel that I need to let you know about the caring me and my sick wife are getting from a DeKalb hospice, and their name is ABC Hospice of Rainsville, and I will say my wife and I live on Hixon Road.

My wife is bed ridden and suffering with health issues and I’d very much like that DeKalb agency to know that we truly thank God for each person who comes. I see their care they give my sick wife. I also receive a care from the ones that come to treat my sick wife. Also, each gives to me and I know that I should let the agency know that I thank God for the sincere care we receive, and I especially see the care that is being given to my sick wife.

And whoever needs true care and love, then may I suggest you getting in contact with ABC Hospice in Rainsville, Alabama. We and I know that you or your family member will be given the care and love I’ve seen by each worker that comes to us. Let me say to that agency, may God bless all of you.

I feel that by my sincere letter, that ABC Hospice knows how I thank my God for all, and P.S. my wife needs prayers.

From a person who is being treated by ABC Hospice– may God bless whoever is seeing this.

Loyd and Ovilla Seay,

Rainsville, Alabama

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