My husband and I had the pleasure to attend the Alabama Fan Appreciation Weekend 2018. It was a wonderful weekend!

We attended Fandemonium at the Farm hosted by Randy Owen on his personal property. What a beautiful place! The stage was set up in the barn with additional tables and seating outside under tents.

The concert was amazing and they were gracious enough to provide food and drinks at no cost. I was appalled after the concert to see how many left their trash strewn in the barn. Tennessee River Music, Inc., Randy, the band, his family and others went out of their way to be the most gracious of hosts to their fans to hang out, listen to music and eat; all at their expense.

I heard people say how much they love and respect Alabama’s music, how much they care for others and all of the charity work they do.

Then these same people leave a mess. This is Randy’s home and to see it disrespected by people leaving wrappers, paper, drink bottles and food scattered saddens me.

My husband felt so badly about it that he offered his help in cleaning up. The group Alabama genuinely cares for their fan base. They put a lot of heart, soul and sweat into this weekend celebration.

They deserve our respect and appreciation for what they gave us. I hope that next year Alabama fans will step up, show some gratitude and leave only good feelings and memories and not trash.

Susan and Mike McCullough, Cottondale

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