I do realize the city is trying to improve the roads, at least that is what it is called. I have never found them any better afterwards but more often than not...a bit worse.

I think everyone has pretty much 'accepted' the quality, and no one says much other than to each other. This time I am speaking out regarding the work going on, on the south end of town. Let the chips fall where they may. My sister's (on a fixed income) car which is in excellent shape because she services it on a regular basis, was torn up because of this highway work going on and no telling how many others. The road is rough & uneven so bad people stop to climb the height of the places left. We are investigating 'who' would be responsible for the repairs. Speak up if you have had damage to your car because of this. I know it hopefully be over soon. And perhaps they for once will improve.

Gayal Gordon, Fort Payne

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