No human should have to go through in life what President Trump is experiencing with his term in office. It’s the American people that elected Mr. Trump as president, yet the democrats are trying to bring up impeachment charges against him. The democrats are trying to impeach President Trump ever since he took the oath of office. Nothing has been proven.

As for the “whistle blowers” that bring up charges, why don’t they state their charges and give their names? Destroying a man’s character and reputation is bad, but not giving their names is cowardly. Never mind what the law states. Anyone that acts on their say so is just as guilty as they are.

Let’s get back to governing this nation. Let’s cut out all of this nonsense. I’ve had enough of this foolishness. These folks (politicians) that resorts to these methods, let’s vote them out of office. That’s what elections are about. To say the least I am disgusted. Shame on the politicians that use these methods. I am going on record and am signing my name to what I said and wrote.

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne

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