AHSAA cancels all summer competitions

The Alabama High School Athletic Association has canceled all summer competitions.

In a prepared statement released Thursday, the AHSAA revealed new guidelines surrounding summer activities for when schools reopen, the cancellation of summer competitions (7-on-7 workouts and organized team activities) being chief among them.

According to the AHSAA, schools can still hold camps with their students and students from feeder schools. The AHSAA said it is working on a set of “best practices” for when on-campus workouts resume.

Each school’s number of groups, individual group size limitations, as well as health and safety guidelines for when schools reopen will be released on or before May 22. 

New guidelines will focus on physical distancing, group activities based on square footage, respiratory coverings (face coverings), sanitizing equipment, hand washing, etc. The guidelines will be recommendations and left up to local schools to implement and regulate, the AHSAA’s statement said. 

The Alabama State Department of Education is creating a map of best practices to start the school year in August, the AHSAA’s statement said. The best practices should be released on or around June 19. 

The statement said the ALSDE is hopeful schools will reopen campuses on June 8 and start the 2020-21 school year as planned. 

As mandatory summer practices are prohibited, weightlifting, conditioning, individual skill development and workouts are under the jurisdiction of local schools, the statement said. However, schools must comply with all Alabama State Department of Education and Alabama Department of Public Health guidelines including, but not limited to, the number of students within non-interchangeable groups and the overall number of groups. Nonetheless, local schools may use a process to determine the student-athletes who make up the individual groups.

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