DC Inferno wrapping up 5th season of play

DC Inferno is wrapping up their 5th year running the soccer program in Fort Payne. The teams are made up of children from all over DeKalb County and several players are from our surrounding counties.

This season the program had 584 kids,  65 teams ranging from U6- U19 age groups. The program grew over 80 kids from last year.

This year the program has shown great growth because they are hosting youth programs as well as building up the competitive level side.

DC Inferno wanted to thank the community for all their support. Thanks to all the volunteer coaches and parents for their support. Thanks to the City of Fort Payne and the Fort Payne Parks and Recreation department. We have enjoyed our partnership that we have with them and look forward to growing this program in the future.

A History of DC Inferno:

    In early 2015 a group agreed to take over the operation of the recreational soccer program from Phil Elton, who had operated it as Fort Payne Futbol Club (FPFC) for several years.  As an Englishman, it made perfect sense for his favorite sport to be called Futbol.  As they began to manage the club, they kept the name for the 2015 season.  They had several people comment about the name and the confusion with American football, so they made the decision to consider a name change.  

    Prior to the 2016 season, Eddy Bolton, Michael Farmer, Jerry Corley, Tom Shanklin, Karan Bolton and Julie Wehby met to brainstorm new name ideas, and decided that the name should include DC, which would be an abbreviation for DeKalb County.  Of course DC United (an MLS team) was considered, but it just didn’t seem to work, but when DC Inferno was offered, everyone was quickly in agreement that this was a great club name.  A quorum was already convened, so it was quickly voted upon and just in time for the 2016 season, DC Inferno Soccer was born.

    In 2017 we are still fighting a bit of an identity crisis because of the club name change, but through word of mouth of our players, coaches, parents, and a bit of advertising, we are quickly becoming more recognized.  It is our desire to be the soccer club of choice for DeKalb County and northeast Alabama.

    Being centrally located in the county gives us the perfect opportunity to bring the “beautiful game” to the smaller outlying county communities who might not have enough interest to host a full-time league of their own.  We want America’s fasting growing past time to remain strong in DeKalb County for years to come.  We want to help insure that State Championships continue to be awarded to the schools located in DeKalb County, and we will be working diligently for soccer to be a 365 sport in Fort Payne, not just a fall recreation league past time.

    We are looking forward to the 2020 season.  We hope to see you on the pitch.

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