The Sylvania Rams have picked up wins in each of their last three matchups over Etowah, Westbrook Christian and Faith Christian.

On Feb. 26, The Rams won eight of their nine matches against Etowah.

Jarred Higgins won 9-7, Mason Sanders won 8-4, Jordan Johnson won 9-7, Drake Justus won 8-3 and Clayton Wilks won 8-3 in singles action.

Higgins and Sanders won their doubles match 8-6, Kenyon Stover and Justus won theirs 8-5 and the team of Wilks and Logan McCullough won 8-5.

The Rams also went 8-1 in the match against Westbrook on March 7.

In singles action, Higgins won 8-3, Stover won 8-4 and Sanders, Justus and Wilks won 8-0.

Higgins and Sanders on their doubles match 8-5 and the teams of Stover and Justus along with Wilks and McCullough both won by scores of 8-1.

The Rams most recently edged Faith Christian 6-3 on March 8.

Johnson won 8-4, Justus won 8-6 and Wilks won 8-6 in singles play and all three doubles teams won their matches in convincing fashion to seal a 4-0 start for the Rams.

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