Thrash, Devils building future stars at youth camp

Fyffe boys’ basketball coach Neal Thrash and several of his players helped build the area’s next great basketball players this week at their “future stars” basketball camp at Mike Cochran Gymnasium.

The three-day camp taught dozens of local kids the fundamentals of the game and encouraged them to continue working on their skills at home.

“We’ve got kids here from all over the area,” Thrash said. “We’ve had kids come in from Cornerstone, Crossville, Geraldine, Scottsboro and Fort Payne.”

The camp had over 40 participants who will all be entering third through sixth grade in the upcoming school year.

Those campers worked on nearly every facet of the game with supervision from Thrash and his high school players.

“We work on dribbling, passing, catching, jump stops, pivots, closing out and guarding and then we work on team play,” Thrash said. “We’ve been starting the day with a bunch of individual drills working on all those things. Then at the end of the day, we’ll put teams together and help these kids learn to play together.”

For Thrash, it was the first time he had hosted a youth camp since his return as head coach of the Red Devils’ boys basketball team.

“It’s been at least four years since I’ve had a camp here,” Thrash said. “I had some people approach me and ask if I would do one because other schools were doing them, and I thought ‘well, I’ll give it a try.’ I didn’t know how many kids we would get, but we’ve had a good turnout so far.”

After splitting into teams of four and playing pickup games, Thrash handed out shooting technique tip sheets to help players develop good shooting habits while playing elsewhere.

As his campers headed home for the day, Thrash said he enjoyed teaching them how to play the game.

“I love it,” Thrash said. “It’s been a while for me, but I really do love it.”

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