Geraldine High School’s Marilyn Brown, center, is pictured with AHSAA director Alvin Briggs, left, and AHSAA representative Jamie Lee.

Geraldine High School was one of eight schools in the AHSAA’s eight districts to receive a grant for finishing the 2020-21 school year free of athletic fines and ejections.

Geraldine, a Class 3A school, received a $1,000 grant from the AHSAA during a luncheon held at the Montgomery Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Montgomery on Friday.

Fellow DeKalb County schools Ider (2A) and Fyffe (3A) joined Geraldine as schools without fines or ejections during the 2020-21 campaign.

A total of 131 AHSAA high schools were recognized at the 14th annual AHSAA Sportsmanship Luncheon, held as part of the 2021 Summer Conference.

The grant program has now paid out $96,000 since the inception of the AHSAA Sportsmanship program in 2008, according to a statement from the AHSAA.

This year’s school grant recipients were: District 1: Class 3A Excel High School; District 2: Class 1A Florala High School; District 3: Class 2A Isabella High School; District 4: Class 5A Elmore County High School; District 5: Class 5A Fairfield High School; District 6: Munford High School; District 7: Class 1A Hubbertville High School; District 8: Class 3A Geraldine High School.

A total of 399 AHSAA member schools have earned a sportsmanship banner to hang in their schools over the last 14 years. Class 1A schools Alabama School of the Blind and Covenant Christian earned the sportsmanship distinction for an AHSAA state record 12th time each in 2020-21.

The 131 schools overall ranks second all-time behind last year’s 136 schools that accomplished the feat in 2019-20. Also, a total of 271 middle and junior high schools went through the school year fine and eject free in 2020-21, according to the AHSAA.

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