The DeKalb/Cherokee County Fellowship of Christian Athletes is hoping this month’s organized summer golf tournament will be the first of many to come.

Registration is open and sponsorships are available for the inaugural FCA Classic at Terrapin Hills Country Club in Fort Payne on June 10. Lunch is scheduled for noon with tee times beginning at 1 p.m.

“It’s the start of something we’re really hoping to have every year in order to bring the Gospel to coaches and athletes in DeKalb and Cherokee County,” FCA representative Logan McKenzie said of the golf tournament. “We’re looking for it to not only help fund our nonprofit, but to also help sponsor kids to go to camp, coaches to go to marriage retreats with their spouses.

“It’s really important that we get the community involved, local athletes and coaches involved, as well as people who love sports to come be a part of our organization in any way possible.”

Those interested in registering a team and/or becoming a FCA Classic sponsor should contact McKenzie by phone at 256-997-6651 or by email at lmckenzie@fca.org.

Team cost is $400 and tee sponsors are $125. The tournament format is a four-man scramble and includes a closest-to-the-pin contest, a longest drive competition and a pink ball round.

McKenzie, who has been an FCA member for a little more than a year and a part-time employee for two months, said he first became associated with FCA while at Fort Payne High School. After high school, he was reintroduced to the organization and came back to DeKalb County, later serving as a character coach for the Fyffe High School baseball team after being approached about the opportunity by head coach Brad Thomas.

McKenzie said he’s witnessed some strong testimony and support for FCA in DeKalb and Cherokee Counties during his time with the club.

“I had a student come to our banquet last week. I asked him to come and share his testimony,” McKenzie said. “He was saved at a local Fields of Faith [event] and now he’s a senior at Fyffe High School. He shared about how he heard the message of the Gospel and he came to faith in Jesus that night, and now he’s a leader in FCA at Fyffe High School, he’s a leader on his football team and his baseball team. 

“We’ve had a ton of community support as far as people opening their doors and wanting to listen.” 

McKenzie said some local churches have partnered with FCA, as well.

“I’m very grateful for that, always looking for more of that, obviously, but so far I’ve been very encouraged by how the community has come together,” he said.

This fall, the FCA chapter’s primary focus will be on an upcoming Fields of Faith event, where students invite, pray for, share with and challenge their peers to read the Bible and follow Jesus Christ. An athletic field provides a neutral rally point for the event.

McKenzie said Fields of Faith is being planned for late October or early November.

“We’ll be in contact with some local high schools to have it on a football field here in our county where all of our coaches and athletes will be able to come to that,” he said.

“We’ll have student testimonials, some student-led worship. We’ll have a speaker that night. We had a Christian rapper last year; we’re going to try to bring him back in this year, do a bunch of different things like that. That’s where our focus shifts from late summer into the fall.”

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