Tigers claw Hornets 40-6 in Ider

Seth Hawkins carries the ball during Friday's matchup with Cedar Bluff.

The Ider Hornets fell to the Cedar Bluff Tigers 40-6 Friday at Wayne C. Hardeman Stadium.

The first quarter saw the Hornets’ one and only touchdown by senior Seth Hawkins. The 2-point conversion failed and the 6-0 lead was the only lead the Hornets had all night.

Cedar Bluff started their scoring spree late in the first quarter with a touchdown by Jacob Gordon at 6:59. With a good PAT, the Tigers took the one-point lead and never looked back. 

Less than five minutes later, Cedar Bluff’s Travon Clifton barreled his way into the end zone to increase the deficit. The failed field goal left the Tigers’ score 16-6 at the end of the first quarter.

Cedar Bluff wasted no time finding the end zone in the second quarter, though. With 8:07 to play, Anbre Leek advanced the ball into the Hornets’ end zone. The Tigers tried for a 2-point conversion, but failed to break the plane in the midst of a swarm of Hornets’ defensive coverage.

A minute later, Cedar Bluff’s Brian Stitts put the Tiger’s back on offense when he scooped up a loose ball and marched down the field and into Hornet territory. The kick made its way through the uprights and upped the Tigers’ lead 26-6.

The Tigers found themselves in scoring position once again when Anbre Leek took a Hornet punt 35 yards downfield and into the end zone. The good PAT made the score 33-6 with 5:29 to go in the half.

Both teams battled as they swapped possessions several times throughout the remainder of the half. A recovered kick off and carries by three Hornet players finally saw a first down at the Cedar Bluff 40-yard line. Ider’s Ben Watkins received a pass from Matthew Norman to advance the Hornets a few yards, but it was not enough.

The Tigers took over at the Hornets’ 31 with 2:24 left in the half.

A carry by Cedar Bluff’s James Clifton got the ball moving in the Tigers’ direction once again and a pass interference call against the Hornets helped their cause by moving the Tigers closer to the end zone.

Cedar Bluff’s Alexander Leek snagged a Lucas Hampton pass just as he crossed into the end zone with seconds remaining in the half. The touchdown was nullified though by an ineligible man downfield. With only 45 seconds remaining, Hampton managed to find Alexander Leek once more for the score. The kick was good and the half ended with the Tigers leading 40-6.

At the start of the third quarter, a Tiger kick off rolled out of bounds and the Hornets took over at the 35, but couldn’t find their way into the end zone. Both teams swapped possessions for the majority of the third quarter to no avail. 

With the score at 40-6 at the end of the third quarter, the fourth quarter was played over a running clock.

Neither team scored in the final quarter and the clock expired sending the Tigers back to Cedar Bluff with a 40-6 win.

The Hornets will face a region foe next week when they host the Fyffe Red Devils.

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