Aquacats wrap up season at district, state meets

The Fort Payne Aquacats recently wrapped up their season recently with several fast times at their district meet and sent one relay team to their state meet.

That group was the Aquacats’ 11-12 girls freestyle relay team of Lizzie Edwards, Anna Carter, Kinsley St. John and Aubrey Evans. They placed ninth at their district meet and finished 21st at the state meet.

Evans also placed 12th in the 50-yard breast stroke, 27th in the 50-yard freestyle and eighth in the 100-yard freestyle at the district meet.

At districts, Edwards placed 33rd in the 50-yard freestyle, 17th in the 50-yard backstroke and 11th in the 100-yard freestyle.

Jacob Breed nearly qualified for the state meet in the 11-12 boys 50-yard butterfly. He recorded a state qualifying time, but placed 21st at the district meet. He needed to finish in the top 16 to earn a spot at the state meet.

Other Aquacats who competed at the district meet include Kameryn Bouldin, Treston Cuzzort, Aileen Griggs, Mark Hertzberg, Aubrey Lyons, Abigail Mann, Leigh Patterson and Emma Westbrook.

In the 8-under division, Bouldin placed 24th in the 25-yard breast stroke, 35th in the 25-yard freestyle and 36th in the 25-yard backstroke.

Cuzzort placed 17th in the 50-yard freestyle, 18th in the 50-yard butterfly and 12th in the 100-yard freestyle in the 13-14 boys group.

In the 9-10 girls division, Griggs placed 31st in the 50-yard freestyle, 15th in the 50-yard butterfly and 34th in the 50-yard backstroke.

Hertzberg placed 30th in the 15-18 boys 50-yard breast stroke.

Lyons placed 37th in the 50-yard freestyle, 24th in the 50-yard backstroke and 21st in the 100-yard freestyle.

Mann placed 21st in the 15-18 girls 50-yard breast stroke and 22nd in the 50-yard freestyle.

Patterson placed 26th in the 13-14 girls 50-yard freestyle and 36th in the 50-yard backstoke and Westbrook finished 24th in both the 15-18 girls 50-yard breast stroke and freestyle.

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