Kent Bouldin

Crossville's Kent Bouldin.

All Kent Bouldin ever wanted to do was teach and coach.

The Crossville High School alumnus retired from his alma mater in 2015, but has been lured out of retirement for one reason: basketball.

Fresh out of retirement, Bouldin is getting back to coaching the sport he loves. Pending approval by the DeKalb County Schools Board of Education, Bouldin will return to Crossville as a teacher and lead the varsity girls basketball program.

“I just love the game of basketball,” Bouldin told The Times-Journal in a phone interview Monday. “If I can, I want to try to pass along a little bit to these girls and improve them. The biggest thing is for them to build character and be good ladies.”

Bouldin will take command of the program formerly led by Jesse Martin, who transferred to his alma mater, Fyffe High School, this summer. Martin, a 2010 graduate of Fyffe, will be teaching at the Fyffe Special Services Center in his seventh year as a special education instructor. 

At Crossville, Bouldin will be contracted teacher/coach. Bouldin said Crossville plans to have him teach three classes, but said he’s not sure of the subject matter just yet.

Before his retirement in 2015, Bouldin spent 30 years at Crossville. He worked in education for 37 1/2 years before his retirement.

Bouldin’s basketball history stretches back to his elementary school days of playing at Center Point High School, he said.

Bouldin signed a four-year scholarship to continue his education and basketball career at Jacksonville State University in 1973.

“I had good high school coaches, good college coaches and I’ve just always loved the game. I’ve loved being a part of it."

Bouldin said he’s looking forward to the opportunity to help elevate the Crossville girls basketball program and spread his passion for the game.

“It’s just a big honor to be associated with (Crossville’s girls),” Bouldin said. “They can teach me a lot more than I can teach them in a lot of instances, but just the camaraderie of trying to build something and trying to achieve goals sort of turns into a family deal.”

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