It was a wet homecoming night for the Geraldine Bulldogs who lost to the Sardis Lions, 19-14.

Sardis opened the game by receiving the ball on the 27-yard line on kickoff. They managed to move the ball down the field for a first down but were forced to punt after a fumble and incomplete pass.

Geraldine recovered the punt on the 14-yard line and made two short running plays, making it third-and-4 on the 19-yard line. Kyle Thackerson caught a long pass and was brought down on the 45-yard line for a gain of 26 yards. The Bulldog’s momentum was halted by an offsides penalty and a tackle deep in the back field by Michael Turner for the Lions.

The Bulldogs held the Lions to a four-and-out and gained 22 yards from a 10-yard and 12-yard pass to Caleb Hall. Another false start penalty slowed them down at the end of the first quarter, leaving them zero to zero on their 45-yard line, third down with 14 yards to go. 

Geraldine punted to start the second quarter and Sardis recovered the ball on their own 22-yard line. Quarterback Jay Owens threw a 12-yard pass to Caleb Fuller who was brought down on the 34-yard line.

At third-and-5 on the 40-yard line, Bulldog DJ Graham got a pick and ran the ball for 35 yards to the end zone, putting Geraldine on the board with 9:22 left in the half.

Geraldine attempted an onside kick, but the ball went out of bounds around the 40-yard line, giving Sardis good field positioning.

Owens threw a long pass to Jacob Hopper who ran two more yards before being brought down on the Bulldog’s 25-yard line. A fumble and incomplete pass forced them back to fourth-and 15. The Lions went for the first down with a pass to Hopper, but he was tackled on the 22-yard line.

The Bulldogs got the turnover-on-downs but didn’t hold onto it for long. Brayden Bridges intercepted the ball for Sardis with six minutes left in the half. The Lions’ offense made a slow drive down the field which ended in a touchdown by Owens, who waltzed into the end zone on second and goal with 3 minutes 19 seconds remaining in the half. The two teams ended the half tied at 7-7.

Bo Harper downed the ball on the 37-yard line for Geraldine. After a few short runs, Bridges intercepted the ball for Sardis and was brought down close to their own end zone on the 7-yard line. Luke Morris carried the ball for 15 yards to the 22-yard line. Geraldine got two penalties called against them — facemask and defensive block in the back — making it first and 10 for Sardis on the 46-yard line. 

Owens made a long pass to Temon Wilson who was brought down on the 12-yard line. On second down, Morris took a handoff and ran the ball in for another Sardis touchdown. They missed the extra point, bringing the score to 7-13  late in the third.

Sardis got a facemask penalty called on them on kickoff, giving the Bulldogs the ball on the Lions’ 32-yard line. Brian Carnes had a 14-yard run followed by Elijah Delgado who ran for six. Carnes caught the ball on the 13-yard line and ran it in for a touchdown the 50 seconds left in the third quarter, which ended with Geraldine leading by one with a score of 14-13. 

Sardis scored an 18-yard touchdown off a pass to Hopper who ran the ball in with 10 minutes and 52 seconds to go in the game, bringing the score to 14 - 19 in Sardis’ favor.

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