Fort Payne hosting invitational tournament

The Fort Payne volleyball team will play host to varsity teams in DeKalb County and beyond with the 2021 Fort Payne Invitational on Saturday.

Sixteen teams, including six DeKalb volleyball programs, are scheduled to participate in the event that will take place in two locations Saturday: Fort Payne High School’s gym and the gym at Fort Payne Middle School.

Pool A consists of Hayden, Ider, Fort Payne and Lincoln, playing on Court 1, which will be set up by the stage, at the FPHS gym.

Match schedule:

- Ider vs. Fort Payne, 9 a.m.

- Hayden vs. Lincoln, 10 a.m.

- Lincoln vs. Ider, 11 a.m.

- Fort Payne vs. Hayden, noon

- Lincoln vs. Fort Payne, 1 p.m.

- Hayden vs. Ider, 2 p.m.

Pool B consists of Scottsboro, Sylvania, Geraldine and Donoho, playing on Court 2, which is by the entrance, at the FPHS gym.

Match schedule:

- Sylvania vs. Geraldine, 9 a.m.

- Scottsboro vs. Donoho, 10 a.m.

- Donoho vs. Sylvania, 11 a.m.

- Geraldine vs. Scottsboro, noon

- Donoho vs. Geraldine, 1 p.m.

- Scottsboro vs. Sylvania, 2 p.m.

Pool C consists of Ashville, Fyffe, Southside-Gadsden and Chattooga (Ga.), playing on Court 1 at the FPMS gym.

Match schedule:

- Fyffe vs. Chattooga, 9 a.m.

- Ashville vs. Southside, 10 a.m.

- Southside vs. Fyffe, 11 a.m.

- Chattooga vs. Ashville, noon

- Southside vs. Chattooga, 1 p.m.

- Ashville vs. Fyffe, 2 p.m.

Pool D consists of Good Hope, Cedar Bluff, Plainview and Springville, playing on Court 2 at the FPMS gym.

Match schedule:

- Cedar Bluff vs. Plainview, 9 a.m.

- Good Hope vs. Springville, 10 a.m.

- Springville vs. Cedar Bluff, 11 a.m.

- Plainview vs. Good Hope, noon

- Springville vs. Plainview, 1 p.m.

- Good Hope vs. Cedar Bluff, 2 p.m.

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