Sports HOF postpones induction banquet

The DeKalb County Sports Hall of Fame is postponing its 2020 induction banquet due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns.

The banquet, which was scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29 at DeKalb County Schools Coliseum in Rainsville, has been postponed until Saturday, June 12, 2021.

C.M. Sanford, the hall’s president, said the board met last month and set the date for making a final decision about the status of the banquet for July 21.

“The virus situation hasn’t gotten any better, if anything it’s gotten worse now than it was a month ago,” Sanford said. 

The hall was set to honor the induction of eight new members into its 2020 class: Butch Cassidy, Michael Dryer, Mick Hedgepeth, Mike Holtzclaw, Brent Tinker, Bobby Jones, Donny Jones and Mike Shirey.

“What we don’t want to do is have a banquet and just 50 people show up,” Sanford said. “We want it to be a big event and honor those eight people who are being inducted. It just doesn’t do them justice to have a small crowd, so we just decided to postpone it.”

Sanford said any sponsorships paid will be reserved for the newly scheduled banquet.

With more than 90 members in the hall of fame, Sanford said he’d like to encourage current members to make a donation to the hall, where money could go directly to the scholarship fund.

To donate, contact Sanford at 256-996-0513 or Harold Bouldin at 256-638-5582.

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