Foster Training finds new home

Marisa Foster is prepared to turn an old Fort Payne building into a new home for her business, Foster Training.

Foster recently leased the building that used to be the Fort Payne Recreation Center. She thought the building had the potential for her to expand her business.

Foster described what the finished product should look like.

“One of the racquetball court walls has already come down,” Foster said. “We’re going to turn that into an extended weight room. Probably 70 percent of the gym will be covered in turf. There will be two full-length batting cages for baseball and softball training. The other side of the gym will stay as is with the basketball goal. We’ll do basketball training with one-on-one skills work there. We’ll also do our volleyball training there.”

At their current location on Godfrey Ave., Foster Training offers training for all ages. She hosts adult training sessions, kid fitness classes and several sports camps.

Foster said she does as much as she can for her members.

“We do both adult fitness and kid fitness. I offer adult fitness Monday through Thursday at six in the morning and six in the evening. Our kid fitness programs stop over summer so we can host all our sports camps. Kid fitness will start back up when school starts. I’m also having a tryout for a 12 and under softball travel team at the end of July.”

Foster specializes in training kids in various sports. She said that she offers training for baseball, softball, volleyball and basketball players of all ages.

“I have over 60 kids that take hitting lessons with me for baseball and softball. I have some others that come do speed and agility drills, and some that do strength and conditioning. I have volleyball players that come train with me, and I also train some kids on one-on-one basketball skills. I just want to offer a place where you can get quality training and quality coaching without having to go to Birmingham, Huntsville or Chattanooga. There are plenty of quality players here that go elsewhere when they really don’t have to.”

For adults, Foster specializes in helping others live healthier lives and training for obstacle course challenges.

Foster said those who train with her are considered family.

“It’s all about living a healthier life,” Foster said. “Everybody that comes and works out as a member is considered a part of the Foster family. It’s just like a big, extended family that works together, sweats together, and gets healthier together.”

Membership at Foster Training costs $45 per month for adults. Kids who are 18 and under can become members for $25 per month. Their facilities are open seven days a week.

Foster said she is always welcoming to first-time visitors.

“If someone wants to come and try it out, I always give people one free visit,” Foster said. “I offer free workouts every Saturday at 8 a.m. too. It gives people a good taste of what we’re about. It’s not a normal workout on Saturdays. There are no machines involved, so it’s a little different, and it’s very intense.”

Foster said she plans to host a grand re-opening party for the new venue on July 30. She said she hopes to officially start training at the remodeled facility in early August.

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