Jessica Simpson, Emilee Benefield and Malia Edwards each earned singles wins for the Fort Payne girls, while Shao Chen added a singles win for the boys at the Wildcats’ home opener against Cherokee County on Tuesday afternoon.

The Fort Payne girls took a 6-3 loss and the boys lost 8-1 against Cherokee.

On the girls’ side, Simpson won 8-6 in No. 2 singles, Benefield won 8-3 in No. 3 singles and Edwards was victorious (8-4) in No. 5 singles.

Anna Kate Akins was defeated 8-1 in No. 1 singles play, Monique Orozco took an 8-4 loss in No. 4 singles and Deborah Domingo was defeated 8-3 in No. 6 singles.

Akins and Orozco were defeated 8-4 in No. 1 doubles action, Simpson and Benefield lost 8-6 in No. 2 doubles and Edwards and Domingo took an 8-6 loss in No. 3 doubles.

For the Fort Payne boys, Chen picked up an 8-6 victory in No. 2 singles; it was the Wildcats’ lone win against Cherokee on the boys’ side.

Bryson Lyles lost 8-4 in his No. 1 singles match, Austin Evans was defeated 8-4 in No. 3 singles, David Allen Fischer lost 8-6 in No. 4 singles, Julian Barber was defeated 8-6 in No. 5 singles and Elijah Morgan lost 8-1 in No. 6 singles.

Lyles and Chen were defeated 8-3 in No. 1 doubles play, Evans and Fischer took an 8-2 loss in No. 2 doubles and Barber and Morgan lost 8-5 in No. 3 doubles.

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