Wildcats roar past Lions

Above, and left, Crossville’s Hunter Haston (4) searches for an opening to throw a pass in Friday’s game against Guntersville.

The Guntersville Wildcats kept their winning streak going by beating the Crossville Lions 49-7 Friday night in The Reporter’s Game of the Week sponsored by Fants Foodland of Crossville.

Guntersville quarterback Cole McCarty went 13-for-17 passing and got 259 yards and four touchdowns; one off a 30-yard rush.

The Lions received the ball to start the game and had a solid drive from their own 26-yard line to the other 35 before turning the ball over on downs with 8:30 left in the first quarter.

The Wildcats wasted no time just over 30 seconds later off a nearly 40-yard pass caught by Jack Harris for a touchdown.

Two plays into Crossville’s second drive, Cooper Davidson intercepted the ball for the Wildcats and ran it from around the 40-yard line. However, due to a block in the back penalty after the interception, the run was called back to the 30. McCarty ran the ball in for a second Guntersville touchdown on the next play, making it 14-0 with 6:03 left in the first quarter.

Crossville held onto the ball for the rest of the quarter and found themselves in the red zone on the 2-yard line at the top of the second quarter. Unfortunately for them, the Wildcats made a strong stand and stopped them on fourth-and-goal.

Guntersville kept a fast pace as they drove from their 2-yard line down the field and into the end zone. They scored three more touchdowns before the end of the half; the last two with only 35 seconds left.

Crossville got their singular touchdown of the night with seven minutes left in the third quarter, making several first-down runs. Ernesto Lopez broke through the line on first-and-10 on the 15 for the score.

On the kickoff return, Dwayne Hundley ran the ball from one 15-yard line to the other and set the Wildcats up nicely for their final score of the game, making it 49-7 with 3:19 left in the third quarter.

The teams agreed to let the clock run for the remainder of the fourth quarter. Guntersville ended the game taking a knee.

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