Crossville Track's Nick Walls Wins 4 Gold Medals, Breaks 3 State Records

Nick Walls is not your average high school track and field champion. An accident involving a 4-wheeler left Walls in a wheelchair in July 2014.

Walls said he was just having fun riding his 4-wheeler down the side of a tall hill.

“I was just riding around when all of a sudden my brakes went out on my 4-wheeler,” said Walls. “I had a really sharp turn coming up and I was going 60 or 70 miles per hour. I couldn’t slow down to make the turn and smacked into a tree. My body just flew off the side of that hill.”

Walls’ list of injuries included a broken vertebrae, a collapsed lung and three broken ribs. He said his road to recovery was a difficult one.

But that didn’t stop the Crossville sophomore from wanting to compete with Crossville’s track team and in the recently developed Wheelchair Division of the AHSAA Track and Field Championships in Gulf Shores last Thursday. Walls won gold and broke state records in the shot put, javelin and discus events. He also won the 100-meter dash.

Crossville track and field coach Randy Haynes said Walls has handled his situation in the best way possible.

“The kid has a great attitude about life,” said Haynes. “He’s always positive and never gives excuses for anything. The kid has never had a bad day. He’s an inspiration to his teammates, his friends and everyone in his life.”

Walls said he’s excited to keep training and he hopes to break all his records next year at the state meet.

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