DeSoto Golf Course announces lowered rates

The city of Fort Payne passed an ordinance that lowered rates at DeSoto Golf Course.

Annual membership and daily rates have been cut to help bring more local golfers to the course.

DeSoto Golf Course is a nine-hole public course that offers access to a banquet hall and a swimming pool.

Assistant course manager Ronnie Russell said they want to make the course more family friendly.

“We met with the city to try to come up with a plan to increase membership make the course as affordable as possible,” Russell said. “We decided to cut our membership fees almost in half and to lower all sorts of other fees.”

The cost for playing nine holes with a cart at DeSoto is down to $15. Eighteen holes and a cart now costs $25.

Golfers can also purchase annual memberships. Members are allowed to play as often as they want for a one-time fee. Membership includes access to the swimming pool during its open season.

Annual memberships cost $600 for a single person and $800 for a family. A family membership can cover either two parents and two dependent children or one parent and three dependent children. Additional family members can be added for $50 per year. The course also offers senior discounts for golfers 65 and older.

Members can also reserve a golf cart along with their membership each year. Adding a cart to a single membership is $300 and it costs $400 for a family membership.

Fees for reserving DeSoto’s banquet hall have also been lowered. Reservations cost $400 including a $200 damage deposit, which will be returned if all contractual conditions are met.

The course swimming pool is open for the summer. A season pass for one person is $100 and it is $150 for a family. Course members may bring guests to the pool for $3.00 each. The pool area can also be reserved for private parties.

Desoto Golf Course asks that all rental fees and deposits shall be paid at least one week prior to any reserved event.

Russell said that the course has seen more visitors since the rates were lowered.

“We’ve already had a positive turnout so far this year,” Russell said. “We already have more members than we did a year ago. We’ve seen more and more golfers come play the course and we look forward to serving the community any way we can for years to come.”

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